Lost and Found Book Cover

Lost and Found… an exciting new book from first time author Shelby June.

A mother, a daughter and one very big secret that’s about to turn their world upside down.


Great book, touching and compelling story of the horrific …

Great book, touching and compelling story of the horrific reality endured by those poor souls who were taken from family, friends and all that was familiar and safe only to suffer the torture and inhumane conditions of Auschwitz. This is a terrific account as told by Elizabeth (Nava), a survivor and the effects it has on families. Cannot wait for the sequel!

Kathy P

Couldn’t put it down.

A heartbreaking account of why its so important to deal with the past. Shelby June takes us from New York to Houston to Germany to embark on uncovering one woman’s secret that will forever change her relationships with those she loves. You can’t help but love Elizabeth and her family as they grapple with secrets, fear, love and acceptance until the very end of this page turner.

C. Brown

I was hooked on Lost & Found from the very first paragraph… and my interest never wavered! I was totally captured by Olivia, Elizabeth, and the rest of the family. You’ll read it in just a few sittings because you’ll want to know how it ends… trust me!

Teresa T.